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How Do You Summer?

Summer vacation is something that people look forward to all year long. But once it’s here, they likely spend most of it indoors, at a desk, reminiscing about how much fun summer used to be when they were kids. When was the last time you took a day off from work or school to press […]

5 Tips for Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Now that it’s warm outside, it’s time to start thinking about how you can take advantage of the beautiful weather. One way you can spend more time outdoors is to get great quality outdoor furniture for your backyard. We love the way outdoor furniture has been adopting a lot of the interior design trends we’re […]

What is Mediterranean Design?

Mediterranean design has been intriguing the interior design world in 2019 and we need to talk about it. Keep reading to learn more about its features, characteristics, and how you can recreate it in your home! Interior design trends are constantly changing and evolving, but there are certain ones that have stood the test of […]

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Inspiring Spaces

How to Design a New Home with a Bold, Minimalist Style

When Chloe Rey moved into her new home, she knew she wanted to create a bold, minimalist design that would fit into her family’s day-to-day life. Keep reading to learn how she did it! Chloe Rey is a mom, wife, and content creator focused on sharing minimalist style and fashion. She’s always loved taking and […]

How Two Pieces of Furniture Can Tie a Room Together

We sat down with Alex Blue Davis, singer/songwriter, and actor on the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy, to find out how he and his wife were able to tie their living room together with two Joybird pieces. Alex Blue Davis has always had a passion for the arts. He started singing and playing instruments when […]

Creating a Living Space Around the Aime Sofa

Follow along as we detail how Brit Arnesen, creator of the britdotdesign, designed her living room around our gorgeous Aime Sofa. Brit Arnesen started her creative journey by creating fiber art as a hobby. She would share her pieces on Instagram, but eventually, she began to document other parts of her life there as well, […]

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Style Stories

Taking Great Interior Design on the Road in a 1977 Airstream

In this Style Story, we sat down with Sheena Armstrong to talk about how she and her husband built their 1977 Airstream from the ground up. Keep reading to learn more! Sheena Armstrong, a freelance photographer and graphic designer, and her husband, Jason, knew that there was more to life than the daily grind. They […]

Sophie’s Bohemian Home

As soon as you walk inside of Mom and Entrepreneur Sophie Jaffe’s home, you’re welcomed with a natural, yet glam bohemian design that is perfect for her family of five.  Los Angeles-based health and wellness entrepreneur Sophie Jaffe typically starts her day snuggled with her husband and children, enjoying the moments of early-morning solace with […]

Entrepreneur – Hemleva’s Samantha Leung

As the designer and maker behind Hemleva, this savvy and resilient entrepreneur tapped into the plant-lover in all of us with her beautiful designs, witty style, and inspiring business story.

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Practical Care

Cleaning Kid-Friendly Fabric

Our kid-friendly fabric is designed to resist stains, maintain its color, and be durable enough to weather the daily wear and tear only kids can bring. To show how well it holds up, we put a sofa to the ultimate kid test.

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Before + After

How to Create the Perfect Living Room

Kelsey Delange is back with another Before and After redesign that you are sure to love. Read more about it below! Kelsey Delange started Honey and the Hive in 2014 as a way to share her art and her heart with the world. She creates beautiful, light-hearted, and colorful art that mixes imagery from nature, […]

Designing Your Dream Bedroom

When Kelsey Delange’s bedroom needed a little TLC, she turned to Joybird to redesign it into the bedroom of her dreams. Follow her journey below. “We wanted to make a space that felt tranquil and relaxing for winding down in the evening, but that was also very uplifting and rejuvenating to make it the perfect […]

Before & After: A Precious Playroom

See how Steffy Degreff turned her previously unfinished attic space into the perfect playroom for her son to enjoy for years to come. Steffy Degreff, founder of the popular blog Steffy’s Pros and Cons, has a passion for two things: fashion, particularly vintage clothing, and her family. When the opportunity presented itself to devote more time […]

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Sonja Rasula

Sonja Rasula is a woman for whom creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. The founder of Unique Markets, CAMP, and the Unique Space, she’s a one-woman band for the importance of supporting independent businesses and following your intuition.

Amina Mucciolo

Our May Ambassador, Amina Mucciolo, is an artist and entrepreneur on a mission to make the world around her a bright and whimsical place.

Kelli Murray

Ambassador Kelli Murray is an illustrator and children’s clothing designer who is pretty much the ultimate #MomBoss!

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The Latest

The Essential Guide to Indoor Plants

Love the look of plants in your home, but not sure how to pull off the trend? Here are 5 things to consider when purchasing greenery for your space…

Delicious Summer Recipes to Make for Your Next Party

It’s officially summer! We’ve talked about the types of summer parties you should throw, but now we’re ready to talk about the summer recipes you should serve at them. Food brings people together, so throwing parties that have an abundance of delectable treats you can share with your loved ones is the best way to […]

5 Classic Summer Movies to Watch This Season

Let’s be honest – summertime is best spent doing something you enjoy doing. If you’re a movie buff, that will include watching old and new films that fill you with joy. If this describes you, we have a suggestion. Why not make your movie night themed to the season and screen one of the many […]

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