Tips + Ideas

Using Cool Blue As An Accent Color This Winter

As the weather is cooling down, it’s time to start thinking about winter design and, more specifically, how your home will reflect the season. Many people opt to style their homes in traditional colors like red, gold, and green. But, our favorite winter looks tend to involve a different color entirely: blue. The color blue […]

Planning for Unplanned Guests – How to Expect the Unexpected

Unexpected guests shouldn’t make you panic. Read our tips on planning for unplanned guests to learn how you can get ahead! You’re always told to expect the unexpected when it comes to big events, like weddings or housewarming parties. They do allow for a lot of random people to come out of the woodwork. But […]

Creating Drama with Contrasting Design Elements

As we all know, it’s important to create interest in a room to make your design come to life. If you want your room to pop even more why not take a step beyond interest and create drama? Drama is an often overlooked design choice because people tend to think it means that their spaces will […]

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Inspiring Spaces

Creating a Global Design in Less than 400 Square Feet

See how Natasha Nyanin was able to create a global design in a 350-square-foot studio in the heart of New York City. Natasha Nyanin is a testament to how, with relentlessness and authenticity, you can create a career that you love. She started her lifestyle blog in 2012, but she eventually transitioned most of her […]

Redesigning a Living Space Using Joybird Pieces

Read how interior design blogger, Kristin Orosco, redesigned her living space using Joybird products. Trust us – you’ll love what she was able to create! Kristin Orosco is the perfect example of why it’s always worth it to follow your dreams. She started her online presence as a fashion blogger. Once she became a mother, […]

Transforming an Office Into a Stylish Babe Cave with Dannon Heller

We sat down with Dannon Heller to learn more about how she used Joybird to transform her office space into a custom babe cave and guest room. Read on to get the scoop! When Dannon Heller, a freelance makeup artist and lifestyle blogger, and her husband moved into their beautiful Victorian-era home, they knew they […]

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Style Stories

Telling a Vintage Story Through Vibrant Colors

We sat down with Claire Thomas, food blogger and business owner, to talk about how she uses vintage decor and color schemes to tell an amazing style story.   Claire Thomas is the woman behind the wildly popular food blog, The Kitchy Kitchen, and the co-founder of Los Angeles’s Sweet Laurel Bakery. Food, family, and […]

Taking Great Interior Design on the Road in a 1977 Airstream

In this Style Story, we sat down with Sheena Armstrong to talk about how she and her husband built their 1977 Airstream from the ground up. Keep reading to learn more! Sheena Armstrong, a freelance photographer and graphic designer, and her husband, Jason, knew that there was more to life than the daily grind. They […]

Sophie’s Bohemian Home

As soon as you walk inside of Mom and Entrepreneur Sophie Jaffe’s home, you’re welcomed with a natural, yet glam bohemian design that is perfect for her family of five.  Los Angeles-based health and wellness entrepreneur Sophie Jaffe typically starts her day snuggled with her husband and children, enjoying the moments of early-morning solace with […]

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Practical Care

Cleaning Kid-Friendly Fabric

Our kid-friendly fabric is designed to resist stains, maintain its color, and be durable enough to weather the daily wear and tear only kids can bring. To show how well it holds up, we put a sofa to the ultimate kid test.

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Before + After

How to Create the Perfect Living Room

Kelsey Delange is back with another Before and After redesign that you are sure to love. Read more about it below! Kelsey Delange started Honey and the Hive in 2014 as a way to share her art and her heart with the world. She creates beautiful, light-hearted, and colorful art that mixes imagery from nature, […]

Designing Your Dream Bedroom

When Kelsey Delange’s bedroom needed a little TLC, she turned to Joybird to redesign it into the bedroom of her dreams. Follow her journey below. “We wanted to make a space that felt tranquil and relaxing for winding down in the evening, but that was also very uplifting and rejuvenating to make it the perfect […]

Before & After: A Precious Playroom

See how Steffy Degreff turned her previously unfinished attic space into the perfect playroom for her son to enjoy for years to come. Steffy Degreff, founder of the popular blog Steffy’s Pros and Cons, has a passion for two things: fashion, particularly vintage clothing, and her family. When the opportunity presented itself to devote more time […]

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Sonja Rasula

Sonja Rasula is a woman for whom creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. The founder of Unique Markets, CAMP, and the Unique Space, she’s a one-woman band for the importance of supporting independent businesses and following your intuition.

Amina Mucciolo

Our May Ambassador, Amina Mucciolo, is an artist and entrepreneur on a mission to make the world around her a bright and whimsical place.

Kelli Murray

Ambassador Kelli Murray is an illustrator and children’s clothing designer who is pretty much the ultimate #MomBoss!

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The Latest

6 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes to Make This Year

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year because it combines family, fun, and a lot of delicious food. Although the Joybird team comes from a variety of backgrounds, our tastes overlap when it comes to Turkey Day. Our families made a lot of similar Thanksgiving recipes for us growing up, and we’ve […]

Why Rounded Furniture is Making a Comeback

When you think of mid-century modern furniture, you’ll likely think of clean lines and sharp angles. But, there’s another element of mid-century modern design that has caught the eye of some designers recently. If you’re looking for ways to push the envelope of your design, then you need to hear about rounded furniture and why you […]

Remembering Our Favorite Slumber Party Traditions

Spending time with friends was always the best when we were young, so we want to share some of our favorite slumber party traditions with you. One of the best things about being a kid is attending a slumber party with all of your closest friends. When we were kids, slumber parties were the social […]

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